LED Solar Street Light

Solar LED Street Light

System Rated Voltage DC12 / CDC 24V
LED Street Lamp 20W – 40W 40W – 50W 60W – 120W 120W – 150W
Intelligent Solar Controller 200W – 300W 200W – 300W 300W – 500W 300W – 500W
Battery 60AH – 120AH(12V) 120AH – 150AH(12V) 150AH – 250AH(24V) 200AH – 250AH(24V)
Solar Panel 60W – 150W 90W – 200W 160W – 480W 300W – 600W
Light Source Height 2.5 – 4M 4 – 7M 7 – 10M 8 – 12M
Working Environment 10% – 90% Humidity, Below Altitude of 4000m
Working Temperature -40 – 50C
Notes Owing to the difference in the solar energy resources, the configuration of the solar lighting system shall be subject to the customer’s requirements and the sunlight irradiation at the place of installation


  1. Excellent lighting performance with super-bright illumination source consisting of imported chips and self-designed efficient drivers. It makes use of low power consumption and excellent lighting effect.
  2. Highly intelligent: it can tell daytime and nighttime according to the voltage of solar panels, and automatically control on or off devices. the lighting time can be fixed or self-adjusted by two poles, various poles etc… to further decrease the cost
  3. Perfect protective performance: it has various protective functions to avoid damages resulting from reverse polarity, low battery and overload controller
  4. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: photovoltaic battery takes solar energy as an endless green energy source to supply power. The wide usage of solar energy is helpful for relieving conventional energy shortages
  5. Low maintenance cost: taking solar energy as the power supply, the whole system is self-controlled and only involves little maintenance costs.
  6. Long lifespan: all the components are carefully inspected, well organised and installed with a designed life of over 10 years.


Solar Controller


  1. Solar controller adopts PWM control techniques with low consumption, less heat and high efficiency.
  2. Charging battery with limited current and constant voltage to ensure the battery is full without being damaged, and maintain constant voltage float. Thus compensates the battery leakage losses in real time.
  3. Solar controller can distinguish day and night, automatically control on-and-off stage, lighting time can be adjusted as automatically
  4. Solar contris too low, avoiding the damage caused by over-discharging. When the controller can automatically disconnect the load when the battery is charged, the load will be connected automatically.
  5. Solar controller has complete protective functions which can prevent the controller being damaged by reverse writing, or too low battery.


System Voltage 12V 24V
System Voltage DC < 20 Vpm , I < 15A DC < 40 Vpm, I < 15A
PV Panel Input DC14.4V + – 0.2V DC28.8V + – 0.2V
PV Panel Overvoltage Protection Value 12V, 38 – 200Ah 12V*V (serial connection) 60 – 250Ah
Applicable Battery <10A / I < 10A for each < 15A / I < 15A for each
Load Maximum Output Current DC 10.8 + – 0.2V DC 21.6 + – 0.2V
Battery Under-voltage Threshold Voltage DC 11.5 + – 0.2V DC 23 + – 0.2V
Battery Under-voltage Protection Resuming Voltage DC 14.4 + – 0.2V DC 28.8 + – 0.2V
Battery Full-charge Protection Voltage DC 13.8 + – 0.2V DC 27.6 + – 0.2V
Working Environment Temperature -40C – + 55C, relative humidity 0 – 90%